eCheck Procedures

An agency may choose to scan its paper applications and transmit them to the home office over the internet to get instant processing. When the business is bank draft, and a check for the first premium is collected, how does the agent get that check (actually the right to draft the premium from the applicant's account)to the home office without introducing the very delay that the scanning was to avoid? Mailing it certainly won't work. The way to do this is the eCheck procedure.

Collect the CWA check exactly as you would if you were mailing it to the home office. After you have the signed check, advise the applicant that you use scanning to get the application to the home office instantly, and the check gets scanned also. This is accomplished by attaching the check to the bank draft authorization eCheck Form and writing ACH ONLY, DO NOT NEGOTIATE across the face of the applicant's check. The scan of the authorization and the attached check goes to the home office along with the scanned application. The home office then drafts the applicant’s bank account for the CWA amount immediately.

Note: The eCheck authorization form is a version of the regular bank draft authorization, and that the agent does NOT need the regular form also. You may print the eCheck form from the company website or order the form with your application supplies from the company.

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